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Updated brand identity for motor parts company established over 40 years ago.

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In this project we worked with CE Motor Factors to deliver new refreshed brand identity that supported the strategic ambitions of the company moving forward. It was important that we still acknowledged the companies distinguished history, continually serving its customers for over 40 years.

The challenge

CE Motor Factors are a family owned business operating in the town of Limavady since 1976. The company provide a large range of car parts and accessories and supply both the commercial and consumer markets. Over the last 4 decades in business the company brand identity has gone through a gradual change from the original logo back in 1976 to the present day. This change has occurred mainly due to the different applications of the brand mark on various items of collateral by different providers.

The challenge for the company was to create a new updated brand identity that they could use moving forward, maintaining a consistent image across the various customer touch points. With the increase in the amount of applications of the mark on a growing amount of materials and platforms, it was felt that the time was right to address this issue.

The solution

Because the original brand identity (in all it's various forms) has become an integral part of the customers interaction with the company it was agreed that the current mark had a certain amount of brand equity that was important to preserve.

The new mark colours are a nod to the original design. This colour scheme has been applied to the new brand.

CE Motor Factors old logo and the new brand identity

Customer feedback

In the initial version of the new logo it was agreed that we would remove the CE initials from the wordmark. Shortly after the first application of the new identity on the first pieces of marketing material it was decided to reinstate the initials after some new customers started to refer to the company as just "Motor Factors". It was a point of discussion during the design process but this feedback ultimately persuaded the company to revert back to the original lettering presentation to the full brand lockup.


The new identity has already been executed across many of the companies touchpoints and by creating a brand identity guide the marketing team have continued apply the brand as new opportunities arise.

The brand refresh has successfully brought together the company visuals, providing consistency and recognisability, while remaining true to the legacy of the original brand. It has provided a solid foundation and coherent visual identity for the next phase in this local establishments ongoing development.

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