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Brand identity, website and promotional materials for The Breathing Solution, a new company providing breathing coaching services for individuals and organisations.

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In this project I worked closely with the founder Nichola Moses, a certified breathing coach herself, to help create a brand identity for her new venture and help to communicate the companies value proposition across a range of digital and printed promotional items. After training with Dr Belisa Vranich in the US, Nichola made the decision to open her own practice in Ireland, training clients with the skills and knowledge to learn breathing techniques that helps to optimise physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

After working with Stripypaint I had more clarity about my business, my clients and my focus as a result. I liked the fact that Paul started at the beginning and used techniques to draw from me the information he required to build a website that totally reflected my business and what I wanted.

Nichola Moses, The Breathing Solution
The Breathing Solution - WebsiteThe Breathing Solution - Website

The Process

I began the process by reviewing the initial client requirements against the Strategic Design Framework I use as a starting point for all my projects. This helps both myself and the client understand how work we are undertaking will address the companies overarching business objectives, making sure that the work we complete has defined goals and measurements of success.

The Discovery

After completing the strategic review we commenced with the design process. This began by defining the brand attributes and customer personas. This helps the company clearly define their brand voice and value, enabling us to craft a clearer message when engaging with the target market. By following this process it helped us create clear calls to action and can articulate the benefit of the service to the customer.

Whiteboard image from the brand attributes session.

Whiteboard image from the brand personas session.

The Design

Once the overall strategic planning and messaging were completed we began the design process. Nicola had identified the spiral as a symbol that she wanted to incorporate into the visual design of the identity. The spiral, which is one of the oldest symbols used in spiritual practices, represents among other things the universal pattern of growth and life force energy which felt like a really complementary visual device to use for the service.

Some selected images from logo development a) rough sketch b) refined pencil sketch c) vector version

Once we had the final brand identity created we began the process of developing the website. The website was designed not only to create a central point of contact for the company but also to help explain the different aspects of the service so that clients could have a better understanding of the benefits of the various breathing techniques taught. By providing this clarity we reduced the number of queries received through the sales funnel, increasing efficiency and improving conversion.

Website used to educate and create efficiency in the sales process

After the website was completed we worked together to design the various items of promotional material that needed to be ready for the launch of the service including stationary, trailing manuals and flyers as well as some other marketing collateral. I then created a full brand toolkit including logos and social media assets which they could use to help manage the brand visuals in a consistent manner moving forward. This was supplemented with a simple one page set of brand guidelines that can be referred to as needed when creating new assets.

Stationary and promotional flyers

Promotional items for The Breathing Solution

Brand guidelines for The Breathing Solution

The Outcome

Since the launch of the Breathing Solution the company has worked with private individuals and companies, educating and training them on the many health benefits of the techniques used in this practice. The company continues to expand its range of clients and now also works with local health organisations providing breathing therapies to patients and families dealing with both physical and mental health issues, delivering a complimentary healing and restorative experience.

If you would like to find out more about the work of The Breathing Solution you can check out their website here:

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